5 Ways to Hold On to Your Hard-Earned Cash

If it seems like every dollar you make disappears too quickly, your friends at Utility Concierge have five easy-to-follow home ideas to help you hold on to your greenbacks. The largest expense most individuals have is buying or renting a home. The second largest expense? Maintaining it. It takes a lot of cash to keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and functioning property day in and day out. This is why we recommend money-saving strategies that address the variables you control on a regular basis. Here’s what we mean:

No. 1: Let Mother Nature Take Care of the Outdoors
Guess what’s the largest expense for most households? The cost for heating and cooling the space. In fact, 56% of your utility cost is associated with your HVAC. One way to curb costs is to install a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures. Another way is to make sure the windows and doors are sealed with weather stripping so the air you want stays in—and you’re not heating or cooling the front lawn.

No. 2: The Label Matters
When it comes to HDTVs, electronics, and appliances, you can save eons of cash if you choose energy-saving models, which are identified by the ENERGY STAR designation. These products range from washers and dryers to home theater systems. The savings to you and the planet are significant. For example, an ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator is about 20 percent more energy efficient than those that are not rated.

Energy Star

No. 3: The Right Light
Did you know a single light bulb can save you $6 each year in electricity costs? Multiply that times the number of bulbs you have throughout your home, and the savings can be huge. The key is to purchase the right kind of light bulbs. Learn more here.

No. 4: Change Habits
Your shower doesn’t have to last as long as an epic film. An empty room doesn’t need a perpetually running ceiling fan. Your cat doesn’t need a lamp—she can see in the dark. And your espresso maker doesn’t need to stay turned on and plugged in 24-7 just in case you need a fix during your Dallas marathon. Paying attention to everyday habits can actually save you big time. Take shorter showers; turn off lights, fans, and appliances when not in use, and unplug anything that you don’t need in the moment.

No. 5: Go Native
Plants and flowers that are native to a certain area not only have the best chance for surviving your not-so-green thumb, but also save you the greatest amount of water and maintenance. The concept is called xeriscaping, and it refers to using the plants, flowers, and methods that require the least amount of water possible—an important practice since residential landscaping, lawn care, and pool maintenance all consume huge quantities of this precious resource.


What are some of your money-saving home tips? Share your ideas below to help others save too.

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