A Happy Update From Our Customer Service Team

We’re so excited to share a letter we received this week praising our wonderful concierge coordinator, Laura Godwin. She went above her call of duty for customer Lydia Smith and we couldn’t be more proud of her!


Dear Mr. Noble,

It is with great pleasure and ENTHUSIASM that I contact you regarding Laura Godwin, my coordinator at Utility Concierge!

I had the great fortune of being referred by my realtor to the magnificent Tim Wiersma and UC, so by the time I relocated to Fort Worth in May of last year, I was completely “connected”! Laura immediately took over as (what felt like) my “personal coordinator”, and her gracious “welcome” and marvelous customer service made me feel prepared for ANYTHING!

Alas, what I was NOT prepared for was the contractor NIGHTMARE that shortly ensued, leaving me in a construction FALLOUT and a subsequent lawsuit… I was paying monthly for DIRECTV service for a television that was still in storage (as were MOST of my worldly possessions), and when I explained my distressing situation to Laura last summer (having already paid 3 months of service fees), she immediately rescued me by making arrangements to have my service suspended for six months – a TREMENDOUS relief!

Moreover, as the summer arrived, I ran into a positively SURREAL state of affairs with the original electric company, First Choice – a situation that grew more outrageous by the weekly phone calls I was receiving accusing me of delinquency, threatening to discontinue service, forcing me to involve Chase Bank on several occasions to substantiate my payments with documentation, etc. – hours and hours of wasted time on the telephone! Laura Godwin was my SAVING GRACE throughout it all, patiently listening to my frustrations and determinedly attempting to rectify my predicament with a company employing ignorant (and often aggressive) staff, and an utterly incompetent Accounts Payable department. It was due to Laura’s tireless efforts that my case was finally resolved, and I am now happily allied with Frontier Utilities, and am completely satisfied!

Unfortunately, it is just now that my law suit with that notorious contractor seems to be moving forward, (he has evaded us for months), and I am optimistic that a resolution will be reached in the weeks ahead… Regrettably, I am still residing in a “war zone” until I recover financial means allowing me to hire another contractor. Needless to say, one of my first phone calls was to Laura regarding continued suspension of my DIRECTV account, (god, she had come to my rescue so many times, that I was embarrassed to phone her AGAIN!), but she reassured me wholeheartedly with her solicitous and positive attitude, and summoned her contacts at DIRECTV immediately to plead my pathetic case…
Just this morning, Laura quickly arranged for a conference call with the Customer Service Department at DIRECTV, and I am just delighted to say that they kindly agreed to extend my account suspension, and I am relieved beyond expression! Given all of these regrettable and unforeseen circumstances since I have moved to Texas, I can say without doubt, that Laura Godwin has been nothing short of a CHAMPION for me, and a stellar representative for Utility Concierge! I don’t know what I would have done without her unfailing assistance and genuine good heart…

SHE IS A GEM, Mr. Noble, and I am confident that your organization is continually made better as a result of her employment there! You can be assured that it is because of my happy and enduring relationship with Laura that I will remain a lifelong, loyal customer and promoter of Utility Concierge!!!

Most sincerely and cordially,
Lydia Smith


This is what you can expect from your personal concierge at Utility Concierge. We take care of our customers, dealing with all the behind-the-scenes hassles to make sure you’re happy throughout our entire relationship. Our service is complimentary to you. Please contact us if you’d like a personal concierge to help you set up new services, switch utility providers, or perform a utility check-up to make sure you’re getting the exact services that you need and want for your home.

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