Utility Concierge

More time for goofing off.

What’s your time worth? What’s the tradeoff for convenience? What does someone have to do around here to avoid mantra chants and binge eating Nutter Butters just to deal with the stressful to-do list that becomes a nagging, pulse-pounding reality for anyone with a new address?

The answers culminated in our company, Utility Concierge, a cleverly pragmatic name to describe our purpose: We take hold of the Web research, phone call data collection, and grassroots efforts you go through with any household or business move to find the right utility providers for your area, need, and price range.

In other words, we give you back hours in your day, your week, your life to do other things you actually like doing. (Soap carving could make a comeback, so hold strong.)

What’s in it for you?
The real value of Utility Concierge is the fact that we have established relationships with utility providers—electricity, cable, movers, etc.—so we can negotiate the best deals on your behalf. Think of us as your agent, your advocate, or even your personal assistant (hold up—we don’t do latte runs, dog walking, or gift shopping). We provide you with a vetted list of possible providers, then you have the power to select the ones you’d like to use. We set the appointments to get the lights turned on, the Internet working, the security system monitoring with eagle eye precision. As for you? Well, your day just opened up to a world of possibilities. With the extra time, you can do anything—everything! Or just goof off more.

You’re welcome.

Our objective view in identifying the best utility providers, promotions, and rates means we don’t play favorites, unless we’re referring to you. You’re our persona grata. Everything we do is to help you save money, time, and hassle. Sign up here, and within a business day, you’ll hear from a real person who knows how to ask the right questions to find your right answers. It’s your very own personal concierge. (You can also work with us by downloading our app for iPhone and Android. It’s free, cool, and easy to use.)

So take control and get back some of that ever-important personal time. What will you do with all of those extra hours? Leave us a quick note in the comment box below and tell us how you spent your newfound free time. We’ll repost your answers on Facebook and Twitter. Inspire others, or make them laugh. We can’t wait to hear what you’re up to.

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