Utility Concierge Blog Launch

Why hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the periodical empirical blogosherical musings of the mind of a Utility Concierge…ical? What can you expect to gain from continuing reading this on a regular basis? The answer to all or your deepest questions. For example, what is the purpose of life? How did we get here? Is Selena Gomez’s newest single really about her and The Biebs rocky romance? What prescription drugs have the most hilarious side effects? And, did that guy just trip over his own foot or was there a change in elevation not visible from my vantage point? How did an American hero like Hulk Hogan loose his wife to a 19 year old? How do service providers choose their hold music? How many questions can fit into one paragraph?

Nine. Nine is the max. Any more and the internet will implode sending us back to 1991. Although judging by the movie The Big Lebowski that seems like a pretty laid back year, and there was a great fusion of grunge music and hair metal going on back then. So enjoy the newblog and let us know what you think! What’s that you say? There were more than nine questions in that last paragraph? Oh no, here we go again…. Quick someone get Kurt Cobain some Prozac!

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