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Strategic Assistant


  • Manage the CEO’s calendar (Personal and Business).
  • Manage communication with key partners, internal teams, and vendors.
  • Use communication and tracking tool to manage ideas and initiate projects.
  • Manage internal culture enhancing activities, such an anniversary meeting with employees,
  • Buffer – provide a buffer to all the noise. Not to make him inaccessible but to provide a structure of focus.
  • Organize travel arrangements for business and personal trips.
  • Communicate business plans and strategies between upper management.


Qualifications and attributes:

  • 5- 10 years of current relevant work experience in a similar role.
  • Organized – As with every Visionary, Gabe has a lot of ideas and projects that need be worked on simultaneously. This person must have immaculate organized and prioritization to keep the important stuff in the forefront while the others are worked on in the background.
  • Sense of Humor – Working here is a lot of fun and someone with a good sense of humor who can help focus the right energy and attention to making progress.
  • Direct – Someone who can respectfully help him identify the gaps in ideas and communication.
  • Ability to work with a sense of urgency; demonstrating the ability to efficiently multi-task in a fast-paced environment and handle a large volume of calls, emails, faxes, and paperwork while accepting accountability for the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of the finished product.
  • Be willing to research complex issues, think outside the box to solve problems, and follow up promptly with actionable solutions.