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Rebecca McCauley

Utility Concierge rocks! Thanks so much for all your help with setting up our utilities in our new home!

Jeanne Nigro

Highly recommend this service! Utility Concierge was outstanding - extremely helpful, courteous, knowledgeable in all areas.. excellent customer service! Can't believe it's free too!

Jay Marchwinski

Being a long distance land lord, I was faced with the unwelcome task of switching utilities when tenants vacated property with little notice. Utility Concierge made it very simple. Much appreciated


Utility Concierge has been so helpful. They are patient and kind during a particularly difficult time during our move, and I appreciate their help.

Marilyn Frazier Wedige

I am moving to Dallas from NE and am so overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. I am so thankful for Utility Concierge. They have been so helpful with information and with helping us get connected with all of our utilities.

Kimberly Dickerman

I liked Utility Concierges service. There was a complication with Time Warner Cable and they figured it out and solved it immediately.  I would use this service again in the future.

Frances Bruns Turner

I adore Utility Concierge! Their services were incredibly helpful and they saved me so much time. They even took my tearful call on a Friday night after my home closing went wonky that afternoon, helped me get everything rescheduled, and was so comforting. Utility Concierge will make you a great success. Thank you!

Jami Nelson

I spoke with Utility Concierge yesterday and they were very helpful. After a 30-40 minute call- I had my electric, gas, tv, internet, and home security appointments and services set up. Not to mention, Utility Concierge was able to make all the appointments for the same day (and on a weekend so I don't have to miss work). Very happy that my REMN representative suggested this service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks for the great and quick work!

Leyi Katrina Zea

Thanks Utility Concierge for helping me apply for my electricity! They gave me the lowest quote around (I didn't have to waste hours shopping for one), and when I decided to go for it, their free service was immediate. My electricity was applied for the very next day and I didn't have to do anything on my part. A confirmation appeared on my email, and it was done! Wonderful! Thanks Utility Concierge!

Kenneth Watts

Utility Concierge was extremely helpful and showed superb customer service skills. They were available at any time and was very quick to respond anytime I reached out. Grateful for your services!

Brian Moore

Utility Concierge made things so easy for me. Great service, and it is FREE! Amazing.

Kim Bird Perkinson

Thanks Utility Concierge for helping us make a seamless transition into our new home!!! Very friendly, polite & eager to help with any need!

Dana Brown

I will tell everyone about the great service that was provide to me. Thanks Utility Concierge for making these task last painfully.

Blake Harrison

Best thing since sliced bread and Centralized Showing Service! They have gone above & beyond for me and my latest referrals to Utility Concierge!

Tara Wyght

Utility Concierge was so wonderful to deal with! We have moved to Dallas from Canada and I had no idea where to start. A friend recommended them to me as she used them with her move to Dallas. They didn't disappoint! I would most certainly use them again!!

Lisa Gregovich

Utility Concierge is such a great service! Made things super easy!

Lorie Harrison Krenytzky

Utility Concierge has been so helpful in our move to Garland, everyone should use this!!!!

Maria Redford

Thank you Utility Concierge! They have been super helpful--we appreciate you very much!

Bart Snowden

Utility Concierge helped make our move much easier! Thanks for all the help!!!

Brady Redwine

Utility Concierge has been doing a great job helping us with all of our service setups at our new house!

Steve Cruz

Just want to say thanks again to Utility Concierge for helping me resolve my Direct TV issue. It took a few calls, but they came through!

Brent Welker

Utility Concierge personally took charge of my request and had everything taken care of in less than a day, alleviating a lot of hassle and stress! Thanks!

Angelina Whalen

Y'all are the best thanks for all of your hard work & helping me get settled in my new home! After all the phone calls I feel throughout the past week I feel like I have new best friends! Seriously the easiest & best experience I've ever had moving!

Kim Pabalan

You guys have made everything very easy. We close on the 9th on our new home and everything is all set up without a bunch of phone calls to all kinds of different companies. Thanks for making it so painless!

Erin Sullivan Waks

So far, Utility Concierge has been super helpful, friendly, and professional. I am in the middle of a move, so this has been a Godsend! Thank you UC!

Barbara Castile

I just moved into my new home with the help of Utility Concierge. Yall did an awesome job of getting my utilities connected. Even when we ran into a small hiccup, UC made sure to stay on top of it until everything was corrected. I would absolutely recommend this service to my friends and family. Great job!!!!

Kim Jaeckle

Had great help today from Utility Concierge. They saved me a lot of money! Thank you, you guys are awesome!!!

Susan Mobbs Bruff

Utility Concierge was very helpful and professional. So grateful for all your help in making our move to Texas easier. Highly recommend.

Jordan Wootten

Utility Concierge was such a great business idea. I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with my "concierge" and now all of my utilities are set up in my soon-to-be new home - and I did a minimal amount of work. Plus, they were very pleasant to interact with. I could not be more impressed.

Robin Irvine

Utility Concierge make our move so much easier! I was impressed with how efficient they were! Thank you!

Amanda Long Bruner

Utility Concierge is so helpful! I was super stressing about moving, and getting everything set up.

Lisa Stickley

This was the best thing about our move!  We move a lot, and setting up Utilities is painful and time-consuming.  I wished this was available for all my other moves.  Thanks for saving me hours of time researching and on the phone.

Calcy Percy

I cannot say enough about the help I received from Utility Concierge! After struggling with trying to find the best option for cable in our house, we decided to turn to Utility Concierge. They were so helpful and we were able to get our new cable service in no time at all, at an even better price than I could have ever found on my own. They provided an effortless experience and were so proactive in finding and securing a provider for us. The best part? It was free! Thanks guys! We will definitely be using you in the future!

Diana Kendall-Wendorff

I'm in the process of buying a house and using Utility Concierge. I was feeling so overwhelmed on the choices and didn't know where to start. UC called me and started going through the process and made it very easy and fun. They also made the phone calls and set up everything for me. All I had to do is tell them what I wanted. I would recommend this company to anyone moving. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Satisfied Utility Concierge Customer

I called UC today and they set up my utilities for me. They were extremely helpful and very polite – even offered to call me back b/c they could hear I was in the car. Most importantly, they were super fast. UC was really great!. For comparison, I had set up Atmos gas myself and then immediately called UC for electricity. It was honestly FAR easier and quicker to use UC.

Brian Lundquist

Utility Concierge is AWESOME!! They made our move so much easier with his help. All of our utilities were on when we moved and all of our vendors were on time! Thanks again, I'll look you guys up when we buy a new place and definitely tell everyone I know that is moving to check you guys out.

Hollienoël Doherty Heard

I am a 29 year old moving to Frisco with my husband and 2 small kids. I'm young enough that I have no problem googling service providers and comparing prices in a matter of minutes, but the two babies throw a monkey wrench into what I'm CAPABLE of doing and what I actually have TIME to do, ha ha. Utility Concierge contacted me today and I didn't even realize how helpful your services would be until they called. UC was exceptionally knowledgeable, no-nonsense, and personable. They kept me on the phone long enough to see how valuable Utility Concierge would be to me, and I set up many of my services with their help, but they didn't waste my limited phone time trying to talk me into anything "extra" (maybe it was my reference to the one-year-old having a bucket stuck on his head). Thanks Utility Concierge!

Heidi Luther

I heard about Utility Concierge though some friends and decided check them out. My husband and I are moving to San Diego and I inquired to see if they could even help me. They werevery prompt getting back to me and was able to help. The customer service is amazing! It was quick, easy and best of all painless! Thank you guys for making my move easier on me.

Linda Wee Swee Lian

I was introduced to this service by our real estate agent. It was so easy - they call you after doing the research on best utility rates that services our area. Best of all - this is a free service. Definitely recommend this service.

Teresa Shehan

I am a first time homebuyer and with my schedule it was impossible to get everything done. I was referred by my Keller Williams agent to Utility Concierge and low and behold they helped me so much and got everything done I needed. Then I needed to change dates of installs and they took care of that too... They saved me so much time and I did not have to take time off from my job, this is a great service. I will be recommending this service to everyone.

Rebecca Gregory

Utility Concierge Rocks - quick, easy, informative, personable. Had the "can we get this done today?" problem and he knocked it outta the park. Won't make a move without them - and will recommend to my friends that are moving - no doubt!

Happy Utility Concierge Client

I had a great experience with Utility Concierge! They were very prompt! I kept having to reschedule my dates and they jumped right on it and get everything rescheduled immediately! I highly recommend them!


Thanks again for giving our clients an easy transition in the moving process !!!


Everyone knows being a first time home buyer is a stressful process all by itself! But thanks to Utility Concierge…I had a few less things to worry about! Internet hook up a success and a badass new alarm system! It’s not every day you meet a person with exceptional customer service skills and follow-up with their client’s best interest in mind! Without a doubt, I will continue to use this service. Thank you UC! You guys are the best!


I love love love this service. Max made everything so easy for us and gave us great discounts. I can't wait to recommend utility concierge to all my friends and family. Thank you!!!!


This is one of the greatest services I have ever used. I cannot express how helpful, diligent and polite this group is. If you are moving, or know someone that is moving I highly suggest using Utility Concierge!


Great service and very courteous employees! They made our switch overs simple and easy, plus saved us money in the process!!!

It was so nice to have this service. Both my wife and I work and don't get off till after everything is closed. I made the one phone call with you my utilities done and to know what options were available for my area plus Internet cable and security options... I was SO thankful that this was all done with one call no hassle and honestly choose Remax over any other Realestate company if this is one of the services. For other Realestate companies they should really take note and get with you to help their customers. My wife and I have said when we start looking to buy we will select a Remax agent because of your help and how easy it made it for us. It is to often we don't recognize and thank those that help and do a great job. I just wanted you to know how thankful we are for your help with all the set ups and info.

Garry Jameson

In the process of purchasing my first home, David from The Home Inspectors informed me of the service you provide. I received your marketing flyer with the results of my inspection. I received my first call from Warren. He was very courteous, knowledgeable and personable which made my move transition manageable. He listened, made suggestions and shared information with me that I was not even aware of. He informed me that UC would be sending a follow up email. Even though I did not have the opportunity to speak with them but I could tell through their emails that they were on top of everything.

All of that to say Utility Concierge has shown me World Class Service and with me being in that field as well that means a lot. My Hat goes off to you guys for a job well done.

Thanks and make it a great day!

Chandra Adkins, Satisfied Utility Concierge Customer

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