"What a great concept to save a busy client the hassle of connecting utilities!"

Joyce Bauert

"My clients don't make a move without 'em! Seriously, in the late 90's, I WAS my client's concierge - as if I didn't have enough to do just to get them to a closing table on time!"

Blake Harrison

"I have been blessed with my partnership with Utility Concierge and how they have made Utility connections and price comparisons for our clients so easy ...and it's Free!"

Rhonda Steele

Partner with Utility Concierge

We partner with businesses and individuals that are involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. We give your clients a dedicated concierge to connnect all of their utilities - quickly, easily and with the best rates. We give you a website and printed collateral which can be branded with your name, logo and contact information. This is a no-charge value add that you can promote to enhance the value of your service and increase your client satisfaction.

We have a variety of preferred partner programs. Please fill out our quick application, start a web chat or call us to learn more about which plan is best for you.

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