Save your homebuyer time and money on their utilities and home services.

The Utility Concierge Process

As our partner, you'll submit homebuyer information via an online portal. We'll research the best products available at the new home address, and then help homebuyers select the services they need, at the best prices in town.

We even set installation appointments, and walk them through the process of closing down their old accounts. And yes, we do this at no charge to you or your homebuyer!

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions or view our partner testimonials.

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"What a great concept to save a busy client the hassle of connecting utilities!"

Joyce Bauert

"My clients don't make a move without 'em! Seriously, in the late 90's, I WAS my client's concierge - as if I didn't have enough to do just to get them to a closing table on time!"

Blake Harrison

"I have been blessed with my partnership with Utility Concierge and how they have made Utility connections and price comparisons for our clients so easy ...and it's Free!"

Rhonda Steele

Partner Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this service cost for me and my clients?

Nothing! Nada! Zip!

How much money can people save by using your service?

A lot. It's going to be different for every person depending on which services they use, but we just saved a fellow Realtor $600/month on their electricity bill alone!

If your service is free for me and my clients, then how does UC get paid?

After your clients choose a company to set up service with, we're compensated by the service provider because we're an authorized dealer. And we don't surcharge your clients or add any fees to what they would normally pay if they set up their services on their own.

Will my clients be charged more for connecting their services through Utility Concierge than doing it on their own?

Absolutely not! In fact, all rates offered through Utility Concierge are either the same as, or below, what your client could get on their own.

Does Utility Concierge just handle utilities?

We're actually a one-stop shop for setting up ALL utilities AND home services. This includes: Electricity, Water, Gas, Satellite/Cable, Home Phone, Internet, Home Security, and Home Automation.

Will you disconnect my buyer’s utility and homer service connections at their previous home?

We would if we could, but we can’t! Because you might be able to imagine the problems that would follow if non-account holders were able to disconnect other people’s service, only an account holder can process a cancellation of a utility or home service connection. We’re happy to assist though and can walk your client through what they need to do to process the disconnections.

Can you help my client even though they live in an area where they can't choose their water, gas, and electricity provider?

Yes! Half of what we do is educate your clients on their situation so we'd be happy to let them know they don't have to worry about who their utility providers are, and we can still help with their TV, Internet, Phone, and Security/Home Automation.

How long is the phone call with my client?

Only about 20 - 30 minutes! Compare that to the 2 - 3 half days it would take if they were to do it all on their own, and you can really see the time savings! If they need to take longer with us to ask some extra questions then we're happy to educate, but we can typically get everything we need in about 25 minutes.

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