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Moving is a huge hassle. Isn't that enough stress? Let us connect you to the best package deals and latest technology for your new home, including exclusive rates available only from us.

Utility Concierge is a no-cost service with existing relationships around the US to nationwide service providers. Therefore we can guarantee the lowest rates and best customer service.

City Utilities

Water Gas, City Services


New Home Connection, Price Comparison of all Providers


Equipment Installation, Security Cameras, Wireless Security, Remote Access Monitoring Comparison


Next Day Installation, HD Programming, HD DVR Service, FREE HD DVR Equipment


Digital Cable


Fiber Optic Internet, 4G Mobile Internet, Cable Internet, DSL Internet, Dial Up Internet


Local Long Distance, Multiple Phone Lines


Packing, In-Town Moves, InterState Moves, Storage

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Get Connected FAST!

Get connected at the best prices. Your Personal Concierge will find the best local services, special promotions, and pricing.

Save Money

If your like most people you are probably paying too much for your utilities. Our free Utility Check-up will get you the best prices. Your Personal Concierge will compare your rates to the best available.

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How was your experience with Utility Concierge?

"Utility Concierge rocks! Thanks so much for all your help with setting up our utilities in our new home!"

Rebecca McCauley

"Highly recommend this service! Utility Concierge was outstanding - extremely helpful, courteous, knowledgeable in all areas.. excellent customer service! Can't believe it's free too!"

Jeanne Nigro

" I am moving to Dallas from NE and am so overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. I am so thankful for Utility Concierge. They have been so helpful with information and with helping us get connected with all of our utilities."

Marilyn Frazier Wedige

" I adore Utility Concierge! Their services were incredibly helpful and they saved me so much time. They even took my tearful call on a Friday night after my home closing went wonky that afternoon, helped me get everything rescheduled, and was so comforting. Utility Concierge will make you a great success. Thank you!"

Frances Bruns Turner

" I spoke with Utility Concierge yesterday and they were very helpful. After a 30-40 minute call- I had my electric, gas, tv, internet, and home security appointments and services set up. Not to mention, Utility Concierge was able to make all the appointments for the same day (and on a weekend so I don't have to miss work). Very happy that my REMN representative suggested this service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks for the great and quick work!"

Jami Nelson

"Thanks Utility Concierge for helping me apply for my electricity! They gave me the lowest quote around (I didn't have to waste hours shopping for one), and when I decided to go for it, their free service was immediate. My electricity was applied for the very next day and I didn't have to do anything on my part. A confirmation appeared on my email, and it was done! Wonderful! Thanks Utility Concierge!"

Leyi Katrina Zea

" Utility Concierge made things so easy for me. Great service, and it is FREE! Amazing."

Brian Moore

"Thanks Utility Concierge for helping us make a seamless transition into our new home!!! Very friendly, polite & eager to help with any need!"

Kim Bird Perkinson

" I will tell everyone about the great service that was provide to me. Thanks Utility Concierge for making these task last painfully."

Dana Brown

"Best thing since sliced bread and Centralized Showing Service! They have gone above & beyond for me and my latest referrals to Utility Concierge!"

Blake Harrison