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Best Fall Home Improvement Projects

10/04/21 Homeowner Tips

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Fall is the favorite season of many Americans. In addition to the treats and traditions we look forward to each year, autumn offers the perfect temperatures to spend time outdoors. Time you can spend investing in and improving your home. 

The weather is generally mild in the fall. It can be cloudy, but there isn’t usually a lot of rain. Temperatures cool down and stay more consistent without fluctuating heavily from day to night.  the perfect weather to tackle these home improvement projects. 

Clean the Carpets

Sure, you can have your carpets cleaned at any point in the year, but fall offers the optimum weather to open windows and doors while your floors dry.

Your floors will dry faster and you won’t have to beat the heat in the fall. Faster drying times also help reduce the risk of mold and mildew growing.

Paint the Exterior

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to update the look of your home. Whether you want to refresh the front door or paint your entire home, fall is the time to do it. 

The weather is just right for paint to go on smoothly and cure properly for the perfect finish. Painting the exterior of your home is a big investment with an average cost of about $3,000. Have it doen in autumn for the best possible results.  

Go Solar

There are several reasons fall is the best season to have a solar system installed, like quicker installation times in the off season. The biggest reason to go solar in the fall is to get up and running by the time cold weather hits. 

Fall and winter produce plenty of sunlight for solar panels, often generating more than enough energy to power your home. When you put more energy back into the grid than you use, you can earn energy credits if your utility district supports net-metering or buyback programs. 

Credits will help you offset energy costs in the summer when usage and bills are higher. You’ll get up and running and see financial return faster if you go solar in the fall.

Learn more about solar energy from a local expert.