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Need Moving Help? Here Are 5 Moving Tips Every Mover Should Know.

03/19/21 Moving Tips

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Need Moving Help? Here Are 5 Moving Tips Every Mover Should Know.

Anyone that’s been through the moving process knows just how rough it can be. Whether you’re moving to a neighboring city or a completely different state, moving is filled with tasks that would give the Mission Impossible movies a run for their money. With our list of moving tips and a good attitude, moving will be easier than ever!

Moving Hack #1: Set a Budget

Moving can be expensive, especially when you don’t set a budget. By planning ahead with a detailed budget, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars and a whole lot of time. Creating a budget is pretty simple. You can use Excel, Google Sheets, or even just a notebook if you’re old school. A moving budget will help you know what to expect with the upcoming process. Here are some things you should consider including in your budget:

  • Packing tape
  • Moving boxes
  • Professional movers
  • Gas
  • Packing materials (bubble wrap, packing paper, etc.)
  • Hotel expenses
  • Food

Every moving budget will differ by case. Be sure to think hard about what your move will look like. Here a few extra things that are smart to budget for if you can afford it. 

All in all, setting a budget for your move is a must if you want to limit the stress and hassle that typically comes with moving.

Moving Hack #2: Eat Up!

We think it’s pretty safe to say that this hack is a tad bit more enjoyable than the previous one. What other moving help blog is encouraging you to eat more? This one is pretty straight to the point. You’ve got plenty of things to pack without having to raid your pantry and worrying about keeping your perishables nice and cool. A helpful moving hack is to try to eat all of the food you have stored up so that you don’t have to worry about packing and transporting it. 

Set a goal that next time you need to go to the store you’ll take your groceries to your new home. If you come across food items you don’t think you’ll use, consider donating them to a local food bank or shelter. 

Moving Hack #3: Purge Your Closets and Attics

If you’ve been in your current home for a while, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff piled up in your attic and closets. Before it’s time to start packing up your belongings, go through the items in your closet and attic and identify anything that won’t be making the move. Once you’ve done that, set them aside and determine what you want to try to sell and what you will donate. By removing these items from your home, you’re freeing up space that will be valuable during the moving process. If you’ve ever moved before, you know things can pile up and get messy rather quickly!

Moving Hack #4: Get Quotes From Multiple Moving Companies 

Whether you’re moving to a different city or a new state, moving companies make the entire process much more manageable. That being said, you have to be willing to do the research to get a good deal. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a moving company.

  • Uninsured movers: While giving a few of your buddies 50 bucks each to move things into a uhaul truck and drive it to your new home may be cheaper, it’s not going to give you the protection you want.
  • Overpricing: Make sure you call at least three different moving companies in your area to get an idea of what a fair price is. If their prices are similar, call a few other options and take a closer look at reviews written by their previous customers. To get a better idea of what a move should cost, check out our blog on this topic here

Moving Hack #5: Get Creative With Your Packing.

Let’s talk about moving and storage. Want to save money and a little bit of hassle? Then get creative! Pack your things into your other things. Don’t unpack your drawers. Leave your belongings inside and secure them shut. To make transport a little easier, take drawers out, then move them to the truck individually and put them back in. You’ll also avoid throwing your back out if you’re moving yourself. Here are some things that you probably already own that can be used in place of moving boxes:

  • Dressers
  • Coolers
  • Suitcases
  • Laundry baskets

Now that you know these hacks, you’re  on your way to an easier, less stressful transition to your new home. Need more moving help? Check out our Step-by-Step Moving Checklist for more tips.