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Traditional TV vs. Streaming TV

11/16/21 Homeowner Tips

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With more than 270 streaming services on the market, many homeowners are tempted to cut the cord for good and ditch their traditional cable or satellite TV services. But what’s the better deal? Is going all-in on streaming cheaper? Does it offer the same content?

Are Streaming Services Actually Cheaper than Cable?

The answer is yes, and no. On their own, some streaming services are certainly cheaper than an entire satellite or cable package. However, those savings quickly disappear when you opt for streaming services that offer live TV. Streaming services such as YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are often just as expensive as their traditional counterparts.

Streaming Price Increases

Anyone who has used a streaming service in the past few years has dealt with the frustration of constant price hikes. As streaming services attempt to differentiate themselves with more and more original content, their prices inevitably increase. Satellite and cable contracts lock in the price of your service during the life of the contract. So remember, while your combination of streaming services may be cheaper this month, in a few months it could be a whole different ballgame.

What About Content?

Of course, price isn’t the only consideration when deciding whether or not to stick with traditional TV cutting the cord. When it comes to channels, satellite and cable have always beaten out the live TV streaming services. Many streaming services are missing some of the most popular channels.

Streaming services offer very limited options when it comes to network television. Even packages with live TV have a limited channel lineup. They are also slowly losing content as major networks like NBC and CBS create their own streaming services. 

Many find they have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to get to watch all of their favorite shows – which can get very expensive, very fast. The same goes for sports fans – stacking up subscriptions to watch every game. When it comes to live sports, traditional TV packages can’t be beat.

Satellite and cable packages can easily be customized to include your favorite content all in one place and on one bill. A Personal Concierge can help you create the perfect TV package for your household.